Event Organisers TENC20

This year, TENC20 is being organised by:

Chris Curtis @Xris32

Chris is Head of English and author of ‘How to teach: English’ published in 2019 by Crown House Publishing.

Chloe Woodhouse @AViewAskew

Chloe is Assistant Headteacher for KS3 and PP at The Bemrose School. She is an English SLE, Regional Advocate for LitDrive and former Learning Director of English.

Caroline Spalding @MrsSpalding

Caroline is Assistant Headteacher for KS4 and PP at The Bemrose School. She is a former Director of English, a Network Lead for WomenEd, and a member of the @SLTchat team.


TENC19 Event details

99% of you felt TENC19 was Excellent or very good!

100% of you felt the organisation of TENC19 was Excellent or very good!


TENC19 Event Organisers: Event Organisers TENC19

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TENC19 – 2019 Speaker Information and link to resources

TENC19 – Team English 2019 Sponsors & Supporters

TENC19 – Venue Information and where to stay


TENC19 Peterborough


Team English national conference 2019 will be hosted in the easily accessible city of Peterborough on Saturday 13th July at Jack Hunt School.

#TENC19 brings together a host of talented and passionate speakers sharing research, evidence and practice for you to consider, challenge and try yourself within English literature and language.  Our broad themes will be curriculum, assessment and developments and exam tips.  #TENC19 promises to be a fantastic event – don’t miss it!

For 2019 ticket details please click here

For 2019 Speakers/Sessions/Workshop details click here (more to be announced)

TENC19 Peterborough Venue details 

Where to stay local Hotels


On this website you’ll find details of last year’s conference and as plans develop for our 2019 conference, you’ll also find information about speakers and how to book. Follow us on Twitter @TeamEnglishNC2019 to get the latest news.


When we asked you what you thought of TENC19 here’s what you said:


“TENC19 – was very well organised, everyone was full of enthusiasm, the speakers were knowledgable, the sponsors had great stuff with them. All-round great day.”

“The workshops, keynote speeches, goodies and lunches too!!! Hospitality was first class.”

“Very organised – some fantastic sessions – time management was spot on – badges with sessions on was brilliant.”

“Passion and dedication of teachers! So much care taken to organise.”

“Range of seminars was excellent. Organisation was good and the day felt rewarding and useful.”

Well organised, a fantastic range of workshops (too many to attend them all) and a great venue.”

“Well organised, the CPD we really want. By English teachers and for English teachers.”

“There was a real sense of collaboration and a really positive vibe. The range of sessions that were available. The excellent keynote speaker. It was organised by the heart.”




2018 Speakers and details

Please find below details of TENC18

Event organisers

Venue details Practical info


2018 photo gallery

Keynote speakers

  1. Zara Shah
  2. Kat Howard
  3. Deborah Pearson (AQA)
  4. Laura Tsabet
  5. Lindsay Skinner
  6. Bennie Kara
  7. David Bunker
  8. Lyndsey Dyer
  9. Alex Quigley
  10. Phil Stock
  11. Patrice Miller
  12. Tod Brennan
  13. Lyndsey Caldwell
  14. Chloe Woodhouse
  15. Nikki Carlin and Becky Wood
  16. Douglas Wise
  17. Claire Hill and Rebecca Foster
  18. Jenn Ludgate
  19. Jude Hunton
  20. Susan Strachan
  21. Kamil Trzebiatowski
  22. Jo Facer
  23. Chris Curtis
  24. Grainne Hallahan
  25. Matt Pinkett
  26. Louisa Enstone
  27. Sarah Barker
  28. Chris Hildrew

Previous TENC Events



Hosts: Becky Wood @shadylady222 and MissR @AlwaysLearnWeb

Venue: Jack Hunt School, Peterborough

Date: Saturday 13th July.

For details about TENC19 including venue, photos, speakers and resources click here: TENC19 Event details 



Hosts: Rebecca Foster @TLPMsF  and Caroline Spalding @MrsSpalding

Venue: Salisbury

Date: Saturday 14th July.

TENC2018 Speakers, photos and event organisers: 2018 Speakers and details



The British Library


The British Library is unable to sponsor events/organisations, however, is proud to support the #TeamEnglish community.

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The British Library’s free website, Discovering Literature, is brimming with inspiration for English teachers and students. It showcases literary manuscripts from our unique collections, alongside contextual sources, short films, illustrated articles and innovative teaching ideas. The site now covers over a thousand years of English literature from Medieval to the 20th century. There are rich resources on all sorts of texts including Macbeth,Romeo and JulietStrange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and An Inspector Calls.