Chris Hildrew

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Who I am

Twitter handle:           @chrishildrew

Favourite book:          The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath

What I do

Brief biography:

I grew up in London in a family of teachers: my Grandfather, parents, uncle, and cousin are or were teachers. I’m also married to a teacher!

After graduating from New College, Oxford, I started teaching English and Media Studies in the East Midlands, working with @MrsSpalding when she was an NQT. I moved to the south west in 2010 before landing my dream role as Headteacher at Churchill Academy & Sixth Form, in North Somerset, in January 2016. I have launched and developed a growth mindset ethos at Churchill, an experience captured in my book Becoming A Growth Mindset School which was published in March 2018.

What I want to tell you about

Workshop title:           Building a culture of academic tenacity in your classroom,  department or school

Brief description: 

Academically tenacious students belong academically and socially, see school as relevant to their future, work hard and can postpone immediate pleasures, are not derailed by intellectual or social difficulties, seek out challenges and remain engaged over the long haul. Sounds great, right? So how do we actually get our students to be like this? Short answer: it’s difficult. But in this workshop I’ll outline what the research suggests is our best shot…