Q. How can I get a ticket?

A. Tickets are no longer available for this event. The conference sold out in less than 24hrs. Our waiting list was filled just one week later.

We will be contacting people on the waiting list by email as tickets become available from ticket holders who are no longer able to attend.

Q. Will there be a future Team English conference in the North/East/London?

A. Team English are a community that span not just the length and breadth of the UK, but overseas too. We appreciate that wherever our inaugural conference was held it would make it difficult for some of the team to attend.

There are, however, already plans afoot for the Team English National Conference 2019. Our intention is to vary the location of the event to ensure that as many teachers as possible can engage with our network.

Q. How can I book workshops?

We are not asking people to book workshops prior to the day. It’ll be a question of hot-footing it to the sessions you most want to see.

We’ll be asking people to use common sense and to go to a different session if the room is full. We’re confident that whichever workshops you end up attending it will be a thoroughly worthwhile and exciting day of CPD.

Q. I’ve still got a question! Where can I get more information?

Please do get in touch with us via the contact page or Twitter. We will update this page as questions arise.