Kamil Trzebiatowski

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Who I am

Twitter handle:           @ktlangspec

Favourite book:          The Earthsea by U.K.LeGuin

What I do

Brief biography:          I am an independent EAL Consultant as well as secondary EAL Coordinator secondary, with 19 years’ experience teaching the English language. I am also a member of NALDIC’s Executive Committee, an Associate of EAL Academy and a Pedagoo Curator in the Hull area. I am a blogger, writer and advisor on all matters EAL and linguistic diversity in mainstream settings.

What I want to tell you about

Workshop title:           How-To Guide to Teaching Academic English Language to EAL Learners

Brief description:        EAL learners at all and any stage of English language acquisition need to be developing their academic English language proficiency from day one. It’s not sufficient to only simplify the language you use so they comprehend you; we need to enable all our learners to use formal academic so they can succeed in English. Backed up by research from Pauline Gibbons, Karl Maton and the like, I will introduce you to approaches, strategies and practical activities to demonstrate how this is perfectly possible, including the use of mode continuum, translanguaging, differentiated substitution tables and semantic density and gravity.