Kat Howard

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Who I am

Twitter handle:            @SaysMiss

Favourite book:           ‘Reasons to Stay Alive’ by Matt Haig

What I do

Brief Biography:         I am an English teacher in South Leicestershire. Having dabbled in roles such as Literacy Coordinator and Assistant Subject Lead of English, I am now battling with Litdrive, juggling children and occasionally writing resource content or articles for whomever requests for such things!

What I want to tell you about

Workshop title:            A 36 week old’s Guide to Teaching English

Brief description:         Not just aimed at Mums/Dads, this workshop takes you through the heady journey of how parenthood has provided a range of research- based tactics to lighten workload. A practical workshop, explaining time-efficient strategies that will not only add value to your English teaching, but ultimately provide you with that balance that those non-teaching folk relentlessly witter on about.