#TENConline Live Launch

We will be uploading videos of our Live Launch over the next week. Please check back soon.


10am Sarah Hubbard HMI (Ofsted’s National Lead for English) *Opening keynote* – View here

10.30am Mark Roberts and Matt Pinkett (authors of ‘Boys Don’t Try?’) ‘My Naked Weapon is Out: Masculinity in Romeo & Juliet’ – View here

11am Chris Curtis (author of ‘How to teach English’) ‘Understanding Shakespeare’s plays better through character’

11.20am Chloe Woodhouse (Assistant Head and SLE) ‘Modelling Reciprocal Reader – live’ – View here

11.40am Bennie Kara (Deputy Head and author of ‘Diversity in Schools’) *Closing keynote* – View here

Please note that times are for guidance and are subject to change.

Live launch hosted by Caroline Spalding.

You can view the whole Live Launch complete and unedited here.