Tod Brennan

Screen Shot 2018-05-09 at 18.59.47.pngWho I am

Twitter handle:           @TodBrennanEng 

Favourite book:          Flight from the Enchanter by Iris Murdoch

What I do

Brief biography:          I’m a plain old English Teacher. I also do a blog and a vlog thingy.

What I want to tell you about

Workshop title:           The heart of the matter – authorial purpose

Brief description:        For years I blundered and staggered my way through teaching authorial purpose. I’d largely ignore it and then ask probing questions in my marking. Some students stumbled through and so I let myself off the hook. In my sixth year I think I’ve finally cracked it! And by cracked it I mean stopped being disastrous at teaching students how to do it. The worst thing is the answer was under my nose all along.